This morning the camp celebrated the anniversary of American Independence today by singing Happy Birthday to America during our morning Flag Raising ceremony. Later this week we will be celebrating Independence Day with a fair and a fireworks show at night. We have many counselors from all over the world and this is an opportunity for Americans and international staff to share culture and history.


Tacoma village was outside bright and early this morning playing a new game that I have never seen. It was played by running back and forth in the field without being tagged by a noodle. If you do, you become part of the chain! Teamwork is the name of the game here. Tacoma Village is full of fun and new games this summer.

Everyday at lunch we do something called Hoopla. It is a time to cheer, sing and chant for your village. Today’s hoopla was so exciting and loud I HAD to take a few pictures. The energy was amazing right from the start of Hemlock Village’s cheer, “Silence” to the end of Pac/Windsong’s “When I Say Pac…”



We came across this scene this morning in the dinning hall. These are our two Program Directors, David and Peter. We were all enjoying David’s playing when Peter joined in by drumming on a bucket. Before long we had a nice little jam session for all the Hird enjoy while we woke up this morning. Music is a common occurrence at camp. We can often hear the melodies of the Rock Band program playing across the fields while they practice their rifts.